Pet Insurance

Pet insurance could save you thousands in unexpected vet bills.

In emergency situations, pet insurance can be a true life saver.
Imagine this - you're driving down the road with your best four-legged friend safely harnessed in the back seat. Out of nowhere, you are sideswiped and your car is totaled. Not only are you hurt, but your beloved pet needs emergency attention as well. You have insurance that'll cover your hospital visit and your car, but do you have insurance to make sure you're not going to go broke making sure your buddy is okay too? For the majority of pet owners, that answer is a no.

Don't let yourself get caught in that situation! Make sure that you've got the coverage you need in the event that your pet is injured in an accident as well.

This simple plan addition could end up saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and gives you peace of mind as well. Call Waddell & Williams today to get your policy updated to include coverage for your fuzzy family members and hit the open road knowing that now everyone is protected - just in case.